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About SinaptIQ


What is SinaptIQ?

SinaptIQ was established in Thailand in early 2003 by a combination of experienced, meticulous software architects and success-driven business professionals to provide innovative services around emerging mobile technology and enterprise frameworks such as .NET and J2EE.

Within six months of its founding, SinaptIQ had become the first and only IT company in Thailand certified by VISA and MasterCard for “Verified by Visa” and “SecureCode” products, including the latest in e-commerce security for credit card issuers and acquirers, Visa 3D Secure. As many companies and institutions in Thailand’s financial system have already found, SinaptIQ has an innovative, technically advanced team with the creativity and flexibility to produce unique and effective solutions for specific needs. From independent payment processors like to major Thai banks, SinaptIQ offers solutions to challenge any on the international market.

SinaptIQ is currently the only IT company with a thorough understanding of the Thai banking sector and its distinctly local foundation. With SinaptIQ’s proven record of Access Control Server, Merchant Plug-In, and Payment Gateway system implementation developed in Thailand and certified by globally recognized institutions Visa International and MasterCard International, globally recognized expertise in these areas is fully available in Thailand.

In addition, SinaptIQ has extensive experience in developing specific user and merchant interfaces for a variety of customized requirements such as those of high- and low-volume merchants. Our team continues to develop banking- and finance-related products as we provide services to a diverse range of financial institutions. Our clients can choose from our numerous industry-recognized products already proven to work in today’s real business world.

Our guiding principle, to provide the most efficient, innovative e-commerce security solutions and system management services for our clients, has elevated SinaptIQ to prominence in our field. We know that your customers depend on the peace of mind and convenience your institution provides, hence you can reply on SinaptIQ to deliver reliable, superior-quality products and specifically designed services to put your institution at the forefront in its field.

Staying competitive in the global arena of banking and finance requires that institutions not only take advantage of the highest level of technology and support available today, but that they also have access to professional guidance regarding the ever-evolving systems and technologies of tomorrow. The dedicated research and development team at SinaptIQ will always be tapping into the infinite possibilities for innovation to assure your organization maintains its competitive edge.

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