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Nok Air executive interviewed by e-commerce magazine (May 2008) – Powered by 2C2P technology

16 May 2008

Nokair levels up the website for service integration

Nokair, the low cost airline, which maintains the plane and the Thai flying standard, enhanced their service on the website to reduce the cost during this high oil price period. They confide that the future of ticket reservation and services through will grow continuously.

Nattapote Kusalasaiyanon, Nokair Vice President of Revenue Management and Payment system, said Nokair was established 4 years ago since Thai airway wanted to increase their service in the airline segment called “Low Cost Airline”, which was a trend in Europe and US, to increase the selling channel for domestic flights.

During the first year, Nokair had passengers of 300,000, but nowadays the number of passengers has increased to 1.5 million a year. This growth is moving upward rapidly making Nokair to increase the air plane from 2 to 11 planes in 4 years.

Nokair has the service of selling the plane tickets in several channels in order to serve the need of the customers considering mainly in convenience and customer behavior such as ticket reservation through internet or telephone by calling 1318 including the Nokair counter at the destination air ports. In addition, Nokair is the first airline that has several payment channels; either through website by credit card, service counter, ATM machine, and even the convenience store, 7-11.

Nottapote says “ Nokair is trying to create the service to fit with customer needs. If the customer is not confident in the online payment by credit card, we will not try to push them to use by pricing or attracting them with promotion. However, we will try to find the way for them to pay conveniently following their own lifestyle.

“We believe that once customers is ready to pay online , they will choose to pay through the website by their own. Therefore, we need to build up the confidence in our payment system as soon as we could.”

“Today there are 4,000-5,000 transactions per day through the nokair website. Without the fraud control system to manage the risk, financial loss will take place in such online system. Therefore, we chose SinaptIQ to enhance the online payment system for Nokair.”

“SinaptIQ is the 2C2P (Credit Card Payment Processor) service provider, who is certified by JCB, VISA and MASTER Card. They provide the fraud control system, which is a preventive and controlling the credit card fraud. This enables Nokair to efficiently manage the risk from fraud.”

“Currently, Nokair customers usually make a ticket reservation through 40% of internet, 30% of call center, 20% of counters, and 10% of travel agent. In a meanwhile, there are new payment approaches establishing such as PayPal, Debit card payment, and Post-paid payment.”

“We try to provide any possible technology in the market so the customer can buy the ticket easiest at their convenience with the best service such as the immediate seat reservation through website, which save the customer’s time while waiting to board. Besides, they can reserve the seat via Call center as well.”

Nokair is categorized into the Premium Low Cost Airline due to the focus on service during the trip with after sale service. Also, Nokair pays a close attention to the customer feedback seriously. Every trip, they random the passenger by sending them SMS requesting for comments rating their services.”

The next step for the online service on the Nokair website is to show the flight comparison table simultaneously during the trip range of 3 to 5 days for their convenience of checking the ticket price and planning the trip. Importantly, Nokair try to improve the website constantly for the regular newness and fresh to the customer in order to serve their needs and provide the service at their ease and convenience.



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